Republican Candidate
for Texas House District 147

Meet Thomas

I am a first generation American from China, with more than a decade of business experience in international real estate and trade. I began my civic work as a local community advocate, shortly thereafter I served as the community co-chair of the service and maintenance committee for Midtown Management District.


Through my engagement as a contributing member of several trade organizations, I was recently elected to serve on the board of Houston Sister City Association for Shenzhen, China. HSCA is an organization that helps establish city-to-city relationships to promote diplomacy and encourage citizens to develop mutual trust and understanding through commercial, cultural, educational, and humanitarian exchanges and interactions.


My experience in local activism has brought me to the conclusion that our city and state government take a reactive approach instead of proactive planning, and in the process, neglects the greatest issues facing our citizens in the inner-city communities. This leads to worsening conditions, and rising costs to reach sensible solutions; giving government even more reasons to continue the cycle of neglect.


I am running to be your Texas House Representative for District 147 because I want to give a voice to the neglected communities that are too often forgotten, and to bring back leadership that focuses on supplying the tools necessary to empower our citizens to create, build and foster creativity through productive forms that promotes community sustainability and proactive solutions to the issues we face.



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